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"After 20 years in executive leadership, I founded Lions Guide to help others apply high performance and leadership skills in their lives so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals faster."

Dale Walls, Founder

About Lions Guide 

The Story

At the age of 17, I was lost in life without purpose or direction, an only child of a broken home, and living in my grandmother’s attic.  While being stitched up following a bloody street fight, I agreed to attend a week-long bootcamp hosted by the American Legion---run by U.S. Marines.  This set me on a life-long path in leadership and high performance.  Following an honorable enlistment, now veteran Marine Sergeant Walls, I returned to my small-town home where I founded an IT Service Company (Corsica Technologies) that grew to be one of the best in class in the United States.  After nearly two decades of growing Corsica to eight-figure revenues and making multiple acquisitions, I sold the company and founded Lions Guide.  Now I spend my days fulfilling my passion to help others learn high performance and leadership skills to apply in their lives so they might achieve their own personal and professional goals.


To serve those looking to improve their lives and achieve their goals through coaching and training in the areas of personal, professional, and leadership development.


The core values of Lions Guide are Courage, Clarity, and Leadership.  We always establish clarity, think & act courageously, and strive to be a leader if even only by way of setting an example for others.

About Dale Walls


Having gained my professional training during my service in the United States Marine Corps, for over 20 years I have served in a leadership capacity as an entrepreneur, business owner, executive team member, investor, and advisor.


Married to my high school sweetheart for over 20 years, my wife Jody and I reside in our hometown of Centreville, Maryland with our three children: Brady, Summer, and Bruce.


When not at work or play with my family, I spend my remaining time in service to my community on various boards, committees, and I especially enjoy coaching and serving our youth as President of our local non-profit volunteer youth association.

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