Iron Sharpens Iron

"After 20 years in executive leadership as a Founder/Owner of what grew to be a large organization, I founded Lions Guide to empower other business owners in their performance, leadership, and business development so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals faster."

Dale Walls, Founder

Meet The Team

Dale Walls, Founder

Dale has been on a life-long path in leadership and high-performance.  Following an honorable U.S. Marine Corps enlistment, he returned his small-town home where he founded an IT Service Company (Corsica Technologies) that grew to be one of the best in class in the United States.  After nearly two decades of growing Corsica to eight-figure revenues and making multiple acquisitions, Dale sold the company and founded Lions Guide.  He now spends his days fulfilling his passion to help other business-owners learn high-performance, business development, and leadership skills to apply in their lives so they might achieve their own personal and professional goals.

Keith "Flip" Griffin, Leadership Development Director

Flip served 23+ distinguished years in the Navy Search & Rescue Medical world, pinnacling as a Command Master Chief (E9). During that time, he demonstrated superior leadership in numerous communities, leading high-performing teams on worldwide deployments to combat zones and disaster areas during humanitarian and rescue operations. He has a passion for leadership and teaching. Raised by teachers, his gift of being able to relate and help people develop the leader in themselves and their teams is his passion. He is a veracious reader of all things and is now currently working on his own three books: an autobiography about the Search and Rescue life, a leadership book, and a non-fiction space thriller. Flip relishes being the best Dad and Husband he can to his beautiful wife of 20 years, Katie, and their three beautiful children: Payton, Josslynn and Paxton. Whether it’s watching sci-fi fantasy movies, playing board games, or being a “Soccer Dad,” nothing in life fulfills him more than the love and happiness of his family.  

Jay Tiegs, Performance Development Director

Jay is a Certified High-Performance Coach, college professor, podcaster, speaker, trainer, endurance athlete, and the founder of Do Hard Things Nation Apparel. He believes taking on complex challenges with persistence and commitment enables people to find great success in life. Jay is a U.S. Army veteran with 27 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer.

His mantra "Do Hard Things" has enabled him to overcome many struggles in life and achieve success in completing complex challenges. This shift in perspective allowed him to go from a directionless teenager who grew up in a fatherless home to a commissioned officer in the United States Army, where he successfully commanded two units specializing in the leadership development of our nation's next generation of emerging military leaders.

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