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Lions Guide empowers everyday people to be world-class leaders by providing personal-performance and leadership development that is relevant and relatable through live interactive training, mastery programs for one-on-one and small-group engagements, and in-person workshops for organizational leadership teams.  

The Forge

How would you benefit from improved self-discipline, knowledge of high-performance strategies, and proven frameworks to really take charge and lead your life?  The Forge is our growth-minded community with Live and online training sessions providing you with the knowledge, skills, and lessons you will need to grow as a high-performer.

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Mastery Programs

Are you striving to improve your performance and are ready for more accountability in your performance and leadership development?  Our Team has served hundreds of individuals seeking guidance on personal growth and leadership development to excel in their demanding roles and to reach their goals in life.  Explore various coaching options to work with our Lions Guide team directly.

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Leadership Workshops

Through small-group setting mentor interactions and our unique Lions Guide evaluation methods we help your leaders focus on current and future achievements in a way that builds awareness of strengths, establishes personal responsibility, and results in sustained change that has impactful results both immediate and lasting. Our goal with each workshop is to demonstrate the impact of mentorship engagements and estimate the return on investment for you with each module and follow-up assessment.

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