Bold & Beautiful Podcast, Establish Clarity

Jun 14, 2021

Here is what you're going to find this week on Lions Guide:


The Bold & Beautiful Podcast with Ronnell Richards -

This week on the Lions Guide Podcast I'm releasing episode 005 with Ronnell Richards. 


Ronnell has built a career out of creating businesses and developing sales professionals into high-level performers. He's taught individuals how to feel like part of a team, and perform better as a result. Ronnell has successfully strategized with both small and large businesses to take their progress to the next level. This has given him a unique perspective on success that he brings to every aspect of his life. As an award-winning entrepreneur, Ronnell knows what it takes to aim high, and hit even higher.       


On this episode, Ronnell & I discuss a sales as a life skill, failing in business [and bouncing back], the truth about entrepreneurship, and much more…



New to the Lions Guide Library -

Establishing clarity is something that I find important to live a life of high performance and success.  So much so, Clarity is one of the three core values of Lions Guide.  This week in the Lions Guide Library, I released the 3 Factors of Establishing Clarity.  In this session I cover the importance of establishing clarity, where lack of clarity causes failures, and the 3 factors of clarity that contribute to our success.



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