Waking Up Earlier, LG Podcast Launch

May 31, 2021

This week there are a number of exciting announcements, so let's jump to it:


Members Area Now Open

First off if you are a coaching client, I'm excited to let you know that the Lions Guide Members Area has  been unlocked for you to access the both the Content Library and the Private Community on www.lionsguide.com


Lions Guide Library

The Lions Guide Library is home to training videos, resources, and early access to the Lions Guide Podcast episodes before the are released on the social platforms.  Each week I plan on dropping new content for you to dive into.


The training video that is unlocked this week is on How To Get Up Earlier where we cover some ways to get you up and not only into, but ahead of the game every day.  This is something that has helped a number of my clients take things to the next level in their performance. 


The Pride

The Lions Guide Community (The Pride) is a private discussion board to open the conversation about topics surrounding the content, training, and our collective journeys in personal growth & development.


To access the Library and Community, you simply need to log in with your credentials on www.lionsguide.com, and you'll see links in the menu to click through to. 


Additionally, lionsguide.com is hosted on a platform called Kajabi.  That means that you can also access the members area by downloading Kajabi app and logging in with your Lions Guide credentials for mobile access.


Lions Guide Podcast

The Lions Guide Podcast launches this week with the first 3 episodes of the Lions Guide Podcast set to release this Wednesday.  The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google platforms.  The episodes came out great and are full of inspiration from the stories, lessons, and experiences shared from our guests.  Here's the list:

Episode 001 - Do Hard Things with Jay Tiegs

Episode 002 - Mindset Freedom with Luke Harlan

Episode 003 - Success through Humility with Mike Russell


Again, all three of these episodes are now available in the Lions Guide Library for Members.


Also for those of you on Facebook, there is a new Facebook Public Group devoted to the Podcast.  You can find it by searching Facebook for Lions Guide Podcast.


Not a Member Yet?  Subscribe to access the Library and Private Community here:  Membership Options Page (lionsguide.com)


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you online or in session!


Talk soon,



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