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Weekly Brief - Establish Necessity, 4 New Podcast Episodes

Jul 05, 2021

This is what come up on Lions Guide this week:

Establishing Necessity

This week in the Lions Guide Library, I have released a session on Establishing Necessity.  Establishing Necessity is the 3rd of the 10 Disciplines of Self-Leadership.  In this session, I review the importance of having necessity as it relates to making positive changes within ourselves, our performance, and accomplishing our dreams & goals.  I also cover some keys to establishing necessity in your life.  And finally, I provide a powerful worksheet for you to dive deeper into the topic as it relates to the goals you have.

Lions Guide Podcast - Episodes 008 through 011 now available

Now available in the Lions Guide Library are all of the latest podcast sessions that have completed production.  Here are the new additions to check out:

  • 008 - Grow People with Steven Freidkin
  • 009 - Consequence of Habit with JT Frank
  • 010 - Build Trust Capital with David Powell
  • 011 - Introspective Leadership with Seb Lavoie

There is even more exciting news and updates coming from Lions Guide, so keep an eye on

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