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Being the one in charge can be overwhelming.

Without the right support, you...


- Feel like you're hardly keeping up with demands.

- Struggle to staff, retain, and/or maximize your team.

- Find yourself OVERWHELMED rather than CONFIDENT with PEACE OF MIND...


It doesn't have to be that way.

Lions Guide has helped leaders like you gain confidence, accomplish more, and earn the personal freedom they sought out to achieve.

We can help you, too.


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We provide you the Training, Coaching, and Resources you need to succeed in two critical areas:


We give you the tools to improve your productivity, strengthen your mindset, and establish confidence in your discipline


We help you establish clarity of your vision, communicate your objectives effectively, and engage confidently with your team

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Learn about all Lions Guide Services including our online training library of lectures and courses, peer groups, and live workshops.

Master Your Performance and Leadership

Learn through our courses and LIVE coaching events that enlighten, empower, and enable you to optimize the two critical areas of successful leaders.

Next Level Execution

Watch your confidence skyrocket and your overwhelm subside with your newfound insights, clarity, and understanding.

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Most Leaders Feel More Overwhelmed Than Confident...


When you first envisioned being in charge, you might have had something else in mind than the reality you're living in today. You were going to do it your way, be your own boss, have more time for your family, and, of course, make more money.

In reality, most business and organizational leaders find themselves busier than they ever were before, wearing one (or five) too many hats, and more stressed than ever... In your old job, you got to clock out at the end of the day - but now, as a leader, work follows you home and the pressure of success keeps your mind preoccupied 24/7.

You wanted more freedom, but now you’re more enslaved than ever.

We know. We’ve been there. However, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. All you need are the necessary resources, training, and coaching to establish clarity, execute courageously, and lead the way.

When you join Lions Guide, you’ll dive right into our resources in the areas of performance and leadership development. You’ll gain new perspectives and insights that bring clarity in order to achieve higher levels of success for yourself, your team, and your organization.

No more going it alone.

No more feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Just the discipline, clarity, and confidence you need to succeed.


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We Offer In-Person, Remote and Online Resources including...

- Remote Performance and Leadership Development Peer Groups

- In-Person Performance and Leadership Development Workshops

- Dedicated One-on-One & One-to-Many Coaching and Advisory
- Webinars, Episodes, and Downloads

- A library of On-Demand Lectures and Courses

- Actionable Lesson Plans and Personal Development Worksheets


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