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The Lions Guide Everyday Leader Survey lets you rate yourself in the areas of communication, change, mentorship, culture, decision-making, and self-reflection.  Have you mastered everyday leadership?  Let's see where you stand, and in doing so help us put together our next great course to help you improve!

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Lions Guide is a professional development organization that empowers business owners to reach heightened levels of success by enhancing their performance and leadership skills.

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How would you benefit from improved self-discipline, knowledge of high-performance strategies, and proven frameworks to really take charge and lead your life?  Lions Guide Live and online training lessons provides you with the knowledge, skills, and lessons you will need to grow as a high performer faster.

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By joining our exclusive members-only community, you can enroll in our Live Training Lessons and engage with other members in our Private Community Group (The Pride).  Share in the resources, support, and encouragement you are looking for to build your courage, establish clarity, and lead!

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Level Up Your Game

Are you striving to improve your performance and are ready for more accountability in your growth?  For over two decades starting with his service as a US Marine, then during his time as a Founder/CEO of Corsica Technologies, and now through Lions Guide, Dale has served as a coach for hundreds of individuals seeking guidance on personal growth and leadership development to excel in their demanding roles and to reach their goals in life.  Explore various coaching options to work with Dale directly.

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"Turning me into a successful person and leader..."

"I’ve learned so many things from Dale, but the most impactful include time management, focus, team accountability, self-accountability, up through to more complex leadership styles, methods, and overall approach.  Dale has helped enormously in turning me into the successful person and leader that I am today."

Duane Wagner 
Business Owner/Investor

"I call on Dale for his insights and recommendations."

"I've learned a lot from Dale about leadership. He never ceases to amaze me with his insights and viewpoints---ones that I had not seen, but turned out to be very valuable. Any time I am faced with a big decision, I call on Dale for his insights and recommendations."

Matthew Bagley, MBA
Business Executive

"He saw the potential in me..."

"I couldn't have met Dale at a better time. He saw the potential in me that I just couldn't see. Through his advice, mentorship and guidance, Dale gave me the tools I needed to build myself back up."

Andrew Koslosky
Business Executive

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