Lions Guide empowers business owners to excel in leadership and execution, so that you can achieve your business goals and enjoy the personal freedom that comes with successful business ownership.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Business?

Let's Change That.

Owning and operating your business can be overwhelming and without the right support you...

  • Feel like you're hardly keeping up with the demands put on you
  • Struggle to staff, retain, and/or maximize your team
  • Find yourself overwhelmed, uncertain, and constantly stressed

It doesn't have to be that way!

Lions Guide has helped business owners like you gain confidence, accomplish more, and find peace of mind while still earning the personal freedom they sought out to achieve.

We can help you, too.

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Your Journey with Lions Guide: Discover, Develop, Thrive

From your initial conversation with us to enjoying sustainable business growth, walk the journey tailored for your success.

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We Empower Business Owners Like You

What business owners have to say about our programs:

- Dan K. - Business Owner

"I have enrolled in Lions Guide and signed up for personal training as well as the Mastery Group. It was truly one of the best decisions I have made, both personally and professionally. I can look at every aspect of my life as both happier and more successful."

- Jennifer V. - Business Owner

"My time with Lions Guide has been nothing short of awesome. The instructors are so enlightening, and sessions are a great way to gain peer perspectives in a safe, supportive environment.  As a result, I have made huge strides and improvements in both my personal and professional life."

- Steve B. - Business Owner

"I used to feel like I didn't get a chance to talk about what is going on in my head. What I like most about the sessions is the ability to be transparent and open about everything. Since starting the training, I have more clarity and confidence in who I am and what I want to be as a leader."

Most Business Owners Feel More Overwhelmed Than Confident...

When you first envisioned starting your business, you might have had something else in mind than the reality you're living in today. You were going to do it your way, be your own boss, have more time for your family, and, of course, make more money.

In reality, most business owners find themselves busier than they ever were before, wearing one (or five) too many hats, and more stressed than ever... In your old job, you got to clock out at the end of the day - but now, as a business owner, work follows you home and the pressure of success keeps your mind preoccupied 24/7.

You wanted more freedom, but now you’re more enslaved than ever.

We know. We’ve been there. However, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. All you need are the necessary resources, training, and coaching to establish clarity, execute courageously, and lead the way.

When you join Lions Guide, you’ll dive right into our resources to build excellence in your ability to lead and execute. You’ll gain new perspectives and insights that bring clarity in order to achieve higher levels of success for yourself, your team, and your business.

No more going it alone.

No more feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Just the focus, clarity, and confidence you need to succeed.



Online Course Library:
Dive deep into our extensive collection of online courses. Each module is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights essential for your growth.

Live Collaborative Sessions:
Connect live with dedicated instructors and fellow business owners. Share experiences, ask questions, and learn from real-world scenarios in a supportive community.

Tools & Resources for Success:
More than just strategies – we provide hands-on tools and resources to ensure you have everything needed to turn learning into tangible results.

Personalized Guidance:
Every business owner's journey has its nuances. Our approach helps pinpoint your unique challenges, creating a tailored roadmap that aligns with your goals and vision.

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