Establish Clarity - 3 Factors to Find Success

Oct 11, 2021

You can't expect to hit a target that you cannot see, so today I want to talk about the importance of Establishing Clarity


But before I get started, I want to give my many thanks and gratitude to those of you who submitted responses to the High Performance Leader Survey.  Not only did it get some great responses, but I got to connect with a number of you on some Zoom calls.  I love meeting growth-minded people like you!


From your feedback, I've finished the development of, and I'm excited to announce the launch of my High Performance Leader Workshops the first week of November. 


There will be 3 workshops designated respectively for entrepreneurs in their first two years of getting started, business owners who have operated their business for two or more years, and one for executives who are operating in an organizational leader capacity.


Why?  Well I started Lions Guide because I've been in all of those rolls and I want to help those who are on a similar journey as the one I took.


I know that starting a new business is a grind.  I started my first company with an ad in the YellowPages, and the lint in my pocket (i.e. zero dollars, nada, nothing).


I know the demands of a growing business.  That same company went on to be a best-in-class 8-figure national operation.


And I know the stress of leading a team.  Prior to selling and exiting the company, I was CEO leading 200 team members, in multiple regions, around the country.


What I learned was that my success was only going to grow as far as I was will to grow, and the same goes for you.


Now I know what some of you might say, "Dale, I just don't have the time…"


How do you know that is true?


It's not.


You have the time because you make the time.  Do it uncompromisingly.


To be uncompromising in your growth means you're uncompromising in your success.


Enrollment for the High Performance Leader Workshops opens this Thursday at 10:00AM Eastern at this link:


Meanwhile, let's jump into 3 key factors of establishing clarity:



Like I said in the beginning, we cannot expect to hit a target that we cannot see.  So what does your target look like?  Be specific.  This is key for your goals for yourself, your business, your projects, and even solving issues.  How do you want it to turn out? What's the vision?  Create a clear picture of your desired outcome.



Another factor of establishing clarity is to have the right knowledge.  What skills do you need to be successful?  What resources are needed?  What information do you need to know.  Often when we're stuck, we're in need of knowledge; we need to know the next step.  Feeling stuck is a calling for clarity.



The final factor in establishing clarity that I wanted to cover today is truth.  Seek truth in all things.  Become an agent of truth.  We cannot operate nor make good decisions with the wrong information.  So choose to operate in fact.  This means avoid making assumptions.  Confirm instead.  A tool I use to challenge information is to ask either myself regarding my own thinking, or the source of information, "How do you know that is true?"  This triggers some meaningful thought as to the validity and truth with regard to what is being presented


I start with Clarity this week because not only is it the first core value of Lions Guide, but also one of the most noted piece of feedback from my clients on how I help them: to establish clarity.


Clarity is one of the first sessions I'll be coving in the workshops starting in November.


Then after is what I'll be covering in my next video, Courage.


For now, I want to challenge you to bring about some clarity for yourself.


Take a minute of thought and think of three words that might describe your ideal self.  Three words that would describe the best of you are or could be.  These are 3 words that you would be proud to have people describe you as because they reflect the truest and best you.


What three words come to mind?  Drop them in the comments and let me know what they are, and after some come in I will share mine.


Until next time, remember to establish clarity in all things.


Thanks for the time, and talk soon,




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