Feed Your Courage!

Oct 12, 2021

Thank you for the feedback on the last video on Establishing Clarity.


I hope you've got a new perspective with the power of those 3 factors of establishing clarity:  vision, knowledge, and truth.


Today I want to dive into the vital core value to my success in starting, growing, and leading a nation, 8-figure business with 200 team members…. That is COURAGE


It's simple:  When I've had the courage to act despite my fears, I've had success…

… when I haven't, I've failed. 


Courage is what enables us to face difficulties well.


Courage is a virtue; it's the courage to do the right thing.


Courage enables us to attack challenges with action


Fear is a call to action.


Our biggest courage challenge is OURSELVES…


As leaders we must look in the mirror, take responsibility, be accountable in all areas (personally and professionally), take on our real and perceived limitations, and grow.


That requires courage


Next up, I'll be talking about the 3rd Core Value: Leadership


Until then, drop me your thoughts about the importance of having Courage in the comments


Until next time, be good!

If you did miss the last video, know that my High Performance Leader Workshops will be starting the first week of November.


They will be 3 separate workshops designated for those of you who are entrepreneurs in your first 2 years of getting started, business owners of 2 or more years, and executive leaders of organizations.


Enrollment opens this Thursday and in order to keep the engagement high, seats will be limited to 15 or less in each workshop.


I'll be keeping everyone posted, but you can also bookmark the enrollment page here: https://www.lionsguide.com/high-performance-leader-workshop-enrollment 




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