Oct 13, 2021

Who's coming to save you?


Who's going to give you everything you want to achieve in this life?


No one.


Sorry, but that's the hard truth.


The fact is that no one is coming to save you, to fix you, to give you your success.


It's up to you.


That's where leadership comes in.


Leadership is not just at the workplace, it's everywhere in our lives.


Think of it this way.


Often I hear people talk about their lack of discipline…


…discipline IS leadership. 


Discipline is self-leadership.


It is taking responsibility, leading the way, and holding yourself accountable, just like a leader of a team would do.


I read on average 40-60 books a year on topics of growth and development, leadership by way of topics such as responsibility are repeated over and over again. 


For example, in Stephen Covey's 7th Habits of highly effective people, he doesn't talk about the 7 habits before talking about taking responsibility.


I didn't learn this as the founder CEO of a high-growth company.


No, I learned this once I put my feet on the two spray-painted yellow footprints on the asphalt of a parking on Paris Island, SC (aka US Marine Corps Bootcamp).


The instruction I learned on leadership starting then didn't just apply in the field, or in combat, but in everything I did.


This point was made as such:  that even if not in charge of anyone else, we were in charge of ourselves.


So that my friends is why the 3rd core value of Lions Guide is Leadership.


We have to take charge and be the leaders of our lives, of the achievements that we want.


If you like this message, I invite you to join me today at 11am via Zoom to see what other resources are available free in the Lions Guide Members area, The Pride.


Zoom info is in the Announcements section of the Basic Training lessons.


And don't forget, for those of you who are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and other Executives tomorrow is the open enrollment for my High Performance Leadership Workshops starting the first week of November.


Seats will be limited for each group.


Visit https://www.lionsguide.com/high-performance-leader-workshop-enrollment for more info.

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