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Are focus, distraction & discipline an issue for you? Are you feeling a lack of purpose, lack of vibrancy and connection?

If you answered 'YES' to any of those, fear not!  This is often the feeling when we contend with the demands of our days. So that means you're not broken. Stop beating yourself up expecting to be amazing. No breakthrough is going to come through more judgment. Breakthrough will come from another level of establishing clarity, having courage, and leading the way... and that is how coaching will help you!

It is a research-backed framework for developing the mindset and habits you need to conquer each day with intention, focus, and confidence!

High-performance Leader Coaching will help you to start make changes TODAY.
That creates BIG results for your life FOREVER. 
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Real People.  Transformational Results!

"It was truly one of the best decisions I have made"

"I used to call on Dale primarily for business. Since he started Lions Guide, I call on him for much more. I have enrolled in Lions Guide and signed up for personal coaching as well as the group sessions. It was truly one of the best decisions I have made, both personally and professionally. I can look at every aspect of my life as both happier and more successful, which I have Dale to thank for."

-Dan K. (Business Owner)

"It really helped me get my sh*t together"

"The training was something that I really needed at this point in both my personal and professional life. Since we last met, I have been trying to think of the best way to describe the impact that your coaching had on me and the best way that I can sum it up is: 'It really helped me to get my sh*t together.'"

-Brad S. (Organizational Leader)

"I have more clarity and courage"

Since taking the workshop, I have started developing more clarity and courage to go after what it is I want.  I like that I get real time feedback about struggles I have (or questions), as well as getting to relating with others' struggles and questions.

-Chloe T. (Entrepreneur)

"Allowed me to face some past fears"

"I have a fresh perspective on things that have allowed me to face some past fears, look for ways of personal improvement, and some great tools to help with daily challenge."

-Mike B. (Organizational Leader)


"I have gained more clarity, courage, and leadership"

"Since taking the workshop, I have gained more clarity, courage and leadership.  I've started working out three mornings a week.  I have become conscious about eating better.  I've began establishing my goals.  And I've started one on one meetings with my team."

-Brad L. (Business Owner)

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Duane Wagner

Business Owner / Investor

"I’ve learned so many things from Dale, but the most impactful include time management, focus, team accountability, self-accountability, up through to more complex leadership styles, methods, and overall approach.  Dale has helped enormously in turning me into the successful person and leader that I am today."

Andrew Koslosky

Business Executive

"I couldn't have met Dale at a better time. He saw the potential in me that I just couldn't see. Through his advice, mentorship and guidance, Dale gave me the tools I needed to build myself back up."

Matthew Bagley, MBA

Business Executive

"I've learned a lot from Dale about leadership. He never ceases to amaze me with his insights and viewpoints---ones that I had not seen, but turned out to be very valuable. Any time I am faced with a big decision, I call on Dale for his insights and recommendations."