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Now through the end of this year, we're hosting a Lions Guide OPEN House!


These LIVE, interactive workgroup sessions will be facilitated by our performance, business, and leadership development coaches on leading topics on productivity, strategy & structure, communication, execution, and more.

Each session is designed to engage with registrants on these topics in a manner that enlighten, empowers, and emboldens them with clarity and confidence! 

Upcoming Lions Guide OPEN Sessions

"Turning me into a successful person and leader..."

"I’ve learned so many things from Dale, but the most impactful include time management, focus, team accountability, self-accountability, up through to more complex leadership styles, methods, and overall approach.  Dale has helped enormously in turning me into the successful person and leader that I am today."

Duane Wagner 
Business Owner/Investor

"I call on Dale for his insights and recommendations."

"I've learned a lot from Dale about leadership. He never ceases to amaze me with his insights and viewpoints---ones that I had not seen, but turned out to be very valuable. Any time I am faced with a big decision, I call on Dale for his insights and recommendations."

Matthew Bagley, MBA
Business Executive

"He saw the potential in me..."

"I couldn't have met Dale at a better time. He saw the potential in me that I just couldn't see. Through his advice, mentorship and guidance, Dale gave me the tools I needed to build myself back up."

Andrew Koslosky
Business Executive

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