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Welcome to The Forge!

I created The Forge Community 2 years ago because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find high-caliber people I could bandwidth in my area. Seems like most of the people I knew were more interested in just getting by, distracted by Netflix and Instagram, or other things that didn’t matter.

I wanted something more...

  • ... to improve my health and fitness,
  • ... to improve my relationship with my wife and children,
  • ... to grow my business,
  • I just wanted more.

So, I took it into my own hands and launched The Forge for 4 reasons:

  • Network - to create an environment where high-caliber men and women could connect and build relationships
  • Framework - to build and share systems, processes, and strategies for success across all areas of life
  • Accountability - to hold myself accountable to achieving all of my goals and objectives
  • Challenge - to find opportunities to push me outside of my comfort zone (where the growth is)

When you band with us, you are going to unlock access to the network, framework, and accountability required to take yourself to the next level. So, whether you want to lose weight, build strength, start a business, secure a promotion, salvage your marriage, connect with your kids, write a book, pick up new skills and hobbies, or simply find other growth minded men and women to share your growth with, The Forge is for you!


Iron Sharpens Iron,

Jay, Founder, The Forge


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We Offer LIVE and Online Resources including...

  • Weekly Virtual Community Call: Each Tuesday you’ll have the access to join the weekly virtual community call to discuss the topic of the month.
  • Replay Session: If you are unable to attend the virtual live call, sessions will be available for replay to view are your convenience.
  • Private Closed Network: Connect with a network of growth-minded people for deep conversation, ideas, suggestions, tools, and strategies to help you succeed.
  • P.O.D’s (Power of Dedication): A small team of men and women who will hold you accountable to achieving your goals and who you can grow with.
  • Exclusive Gear: By becoming a member of The Forge you will have access to exclusive gear and merchandise.
  • Content Library: You will have access to hundreds of hours of training, content, and tools and strategies to help you.
  • Monthly Challenges: Each month you will have a challenge in alignment with the topic of the month to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone.


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